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Carnegie Int’l
57th ed., 2018

Carnegie Museum of Art
4400 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

+1 412 622 3131


Tam O’ Shanter Drawing Session: Ways of Graphic Designing

26 Aug 2017

[No. 12] Ways of Graphic Designing: photocopy, cut, paste from John Berger’s 1972 book Ways of Seeing

Conducted by Prem Krishnamurthy and Eric Price, Project Projects, designers and members of the Creative Team, Carnegie Int’l at the Leon A. Arkus Library, Carnegie Museum of Art

Carnegie International Curator Ingrid Schaffner introduces the workshop to a room full of participants with a slide projection of John Berger pointing to his eye.

A participant flips through John Berger’s book Ways of Seeing.

Participants seated around a long table look towards the presenter.

A participant makes a photocopy of the book Ways of Seeing.

Two participants look at photocopies on the table. One of them has a pair of scissors in hand.

A participant lays out cut pieces of photocopies on table.

Presenter Prem Krishnamurthy points to an open book held up by a participant at the table.

Presenters Prem Krishnamurthy and Eric Price look at an open book with Carnegie International Associate Curator Liz Park.

A participant puts a marker to a photocopy on the table.

Two hands lay out cut pieces of photocopies in a composition.

A hand lays out cut strips of text on a piece of paper.

Four participants seated at a table cut and glue pieces of paper. Four additional participants stand behind them and create their own collages.

A participant leans in to look at collaged posters laid out in the middle of the table.

Presenter Prem Krishnamurthy holds up a collaged poster and speaks to a group of participants around him.

Presenter Eric Price speaks about a collaged poster held up by a participant while others listen and look.