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Carnegie Int’l
57th ed., 2018

Carnegie Museum of Art
4400 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

+1 412 622 3131


Tam O’ Shanter Drawing Session: Valentines with Alex Da Corte

10 Feb 2019

[No. 27] Draw to your heart’s content

Conducted by Alex Da Corte, participant, Carnegie International, 57th Edition, 2018 in the Hall of Architecture, Carnegie Museum of Art

Ingrid Schaffner, curator, introduces Alex Da Corte.

Participants gathered around a table draw at the Tam O’Shanter Drawing Session.

A participant draws at the drawing Session.

A participant draws the outline of a face at the Tam O’ Shanter.

Participants draw with balloon arches in the background.

A participant pokes holes in construction paper.

A participant draws with great focus on her work.

Participants focus while drawing a stack of chairs.

Alex Da Corte draws with a young participant.

A participant holds her work above her head to get a view of her hole punch out art.

A participant shows their valentine drawing on a light box. Her work contains the words “There are black people in the future”.

A participant holds her punch out work that shows a bumble bee with the words mine. The participants work is a valentines pun meaning to say be mine.

A participant hole punch out art of “Snoopy the dog” and “Woodstock the bird” from the classic Peanuts comic.

All of the participants show their drawings in front of the balloon arches as a part of a group photo.