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Carnegie Int’l
57th ed., 2018

Carnegie Museum of Art
4400 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

+1 412 622 3131


Tam O’ Shanter Drawing Session: Time/Frame with Leslie Hewitt

09 Mar 2019

[No. 32] Loop graphic and sonic textures into filmic drawings

Conducted by Leslie Hewitt, participant, Carnegie International, 57th Edition, 2018, Leon A. Arkus Library, Carnegie Museum of Art

Leslie Hewitt, participant, conducts the Time/Frame during the Tam O’Shanter Drawing Session in the Leon A. Arkus Library at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Ingrid Schaffner introduces the Time/Frame.

Leslie Hewitt stands next to the presentation slideshow.

Participants draw during the Time/Frame Tam O’Shanter Drawing Session.

A participant draws flowers.

A participant draws a flower vase.

A participant stands up, while drawing a flower vase.

A participant stares intensely at a flower vase while drawing.

A participant sketches flowers, stems, and leaves.

A participant draws using a straight edge.

A participant draws holding the pencil with a unique grip.

A participant draws using a ruler as a guide.

A participants drawing of a map.

A drawing by a participant of various icons from Vermont.

A participants sketching of the tools they used next to a drawing of the flower vase they sketched.

A participants rendering of flowers.

A wall filled with drawings created by participants.