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Carnegie Int’l
57th ed., 2018

Carnegie Museum of Art
4400 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

+1 412 622 3131


Tam O’ Shanter Drawing Session: FRP with Beverly Semmes and Jennifer Minniti

21 Mar 2019

[No. 33] Make A Bag

Conducted by Beverly Semmes and Jennifer Minniti, The CarWash Collective, Yellow Studio, Carnegie Museum of Art

Jennifer Minniti reaches for a bag while Beverly Semmes sits and smiles to her right.

Teens from the Youth Arts Initiative and members of the Carnegie international curatorial team sit around a square table and apply colorful duct tape to bags during the Tam O’Shanter Drawing Session.

A participant puts a strip of pink duct tape onto her hand bag.

A participant stretches out a large strip of pink duct tape.

A participant puts a strip of pink duct tape onto their blue hand bag to secure the bag handles.

Participant Beverly Semmes helps a teen from the Youth Arts Council

A participant holds up their duct taped hand bag.

Blue, orange, and multi-colored duct taped hand bags.

Two colorful duct taped bags.

A colorful duct taped bag.

Several finished duct taped hand bags.