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Huma Bhabha Announced As A Participating Artist in the Carnegie International in the New York Times

10 Mar 2018

View of the artist sitting in her brick tiled studio with two attentive dogs.
The Pakistani artist Huma Bhabha in her studio in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Credit Lauren Lancaster for The New York Times

In a recent New York Times article, Huma Bhabha Takes an Ax to Her Exhibit at the Met, Ted Loos featured Huma Bhabha’s practice and busy year ahead:

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. The sculptor Huma Bhabha, the next artist to be featured in the popular roof-installation series at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was working away in her studio here the other day.

Unlike some of her famous forebears among Hudson River Valley artists, who were more likely to use a paintbrush, Ms. Bhabha was wielding an ax.

It’s a big ax, the kind that could be used to stock a woodpile or scare teenagers in a horror movie. Most remarkably, Ms. Bhabha, whose show at the Met beginning next month is only the first in a spate of museum exhibitions in the offing, manages to use it in a way that is precise and surgical, yet still emphatic.

The Pakistan-born 55-year-old was chop, chop, chopping on the bottom of a block of cork on the first floor of a former firehouse that she bought with her husband, Jason Fox, also an artist. (His studio is on the second floor, and they live on the third.)

Cork is relatively unusual in the world of sculpture, and so are axes, for that matter, but it’s one of Ms. Bhabha’s go-to materials these days.

“I like texture,” she said, with the ax resting on the floor behind her. “I work with my hands, and I like to feel it.”

The Met installation, We Come In Peace, will be on view April 17 through Oct. 28. The Cantor Roof Garden installation series began in 1987 and it averages some 500,000 viewers each season. It assures the featured artist a measure of fame.

After the Met, more shows are lined up. In September, Texas’s Contemporary Austin mounts a solo exhibition of her work. In October, one of her sculptures will be featured in the 57th Carnegie International, an exhibition organized by Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art. And the largest show to date of her works comes in March 2019, at the ICA Boston.

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